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As Truva Seramik and Kozmetik we manufacture and supply cosmetics, personal care products, home cleaning products, cleaning products, cleaning chemicals, soaps, wet wipes, wet towels, liquid soaps, cosmetic, personal care product, home cleaning product, cleaning product, cleaning chemical, soap, wet wipe, wet towel, liquid soap, body wet towels, pocket wet wipes, diapers, diapers mini, diapers midi, diapers junior, diapers maxi, baby shampoos, shampoos, shower gels, intimate wash wipes, makeup cleaning wipes, air fresheners, powder detergents, powder detergents for white, powder detergents for color, liquid detergents, liquid detergents for white, liquid detergents for color, liquid detergents for blback, glass cleaners, general surface cleaners, shampoos for thin hair, shampoos for dyed hair, shampoos for stressed hair, shampoos for dried hair, shampoos for normal hair, shampoos for oily hair, repair shampoos, anti damage shampoos, anti hair loss shampoos, ceramics, facade systems, ceramic facade systems, serapan systems, hidden channel systems, bonding systems on construction, mechanical joint systems, clipping systems, vitrified accessories, body wet towel, pocket wet wipe, diaper, diaper mini, diaper midi, diaper junior, diaper maxi, baby shampoo, shampoo, shower gel, intimate wash wipe, makeup cleaning wipe... Truva Seramik ve Kozmetik Tem. Paz. Nak. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti was founded in 2011 with 5 years of experience in marketing sector. Truva Seramik ve Kozmetik Tem. Paz. Nak. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti serves in cosmetic materials production wholesale and retail sale fields as of 2015. Our integrated facilities includes following production facilities: Wet towel production and filling facility Liquid soap Production and filling plant General cleaner Production and filling plant Personal care, home cleaning and industrial usage products are manufactured in our company. most of our production is exported to several countries. .
Bilal brand first started production in 1918 and with the adoption of the surname law, Mehmet Efendi, the elder family, took the surname “Sabuncu”. They continued their association with his son Bilal Sabuncu until 1974, where he worked alongside him (he engaged in soap production). Then, our founder Bilal Sabuncu continued to produce soap with Bilal brand. Until 1991, our company was making the production for domestic market and sales in 1991, thanks to the mechanization of the machine has increased both its capacity and the majority of its sales by exporting abroad was the first step. In accordance with the capacity increase and quality targets until 1991, ISO 9001: 2008 certificate was awarded in 2008 and ISO: 2004 certificate in 2011 in line with the importance given to environmental sensitivity. As a result of the investments made in order to provide quality and hygiene conditions in production, our company has been awarded ISO: 22716 (GMP) certificate.
The foundations of Dalan quality were set by Hamdi Dalan in 1941 in a workshop in the Namazgah sector of Izmir, with the production of Dalan brand traditional 100% pure olive oil soap. Dalan family transformed this workshop in 1976 to Dalan Kimya Endustri A.S. In 1981 Dalan started modern soap and glycerine production in its new Pinarbasi facilities in Izmir and in 2006 started cosmetics production.
ATESSONMEZ CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, located in the 3rd.Organized Industrial Area, Baspinar, Gaziantep,Turkey, has been producing various types of soaps including beauty, toilet soap, bath and laundry as well as liquid soaps, dish washing detergents, air fresheners, bleach and the glass cleaners since 1998. Atessonmez Chemical Industry has a covered area of 5,000 sq. meters of production space situated in 23,500 sq. meters uncovered facilities. In addition, it has 5500 liter tons of storage of raw material tanks. Since the establishment of company; our products and services resemble high quality and reasonable prices which enables us to maintain competitive advantage in the global markets.Our company policy is continuously improving with the aim of expanding the nature and environmental awareness to market by utilizing advanced laboratory experiments and the results are presented to the consumers. Our company is equipped with the cutting-edge/ state-of-the art, advanced technology to a degree which is supported by well-qualified units such as technical services and employees. We combine these two important factors in the framework of global business by implementing the professional business world trade understanding. Production Capacity: Daily Noodle Soap:120.000 Kg / Day Toilet Soap:80.000 Kg/Day Liquid Soap:25.000 Kg/Day
With 30 years in business Aslankaya Group put Turkey's one of the biggest soap, soap noodles and glycerin production facility into use with a comprehensive investment in April 2018. Our company manufacturing on 15.000 m2 closed area in a total area of ​​50.000 m2 at 5th Organized Industry Zone of Gaziantep is expanding its product range every day, increasing its quality day by day, and taking firm steps towards becoming a global world brand.
Our Company, KEYPHARMA HEALTH AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS was founded in 2014 and is one of the pioneer companies involved in production with herbal formulations in Istanbul / Turkey. We are a dermocosmetics company striving to provide maximum benefit to the end users around the World, from production to consumption stages and working by Herbal Science Technology. We are producers of Hair & Skin care products-Laviren brand and Make up products-ThePinkEllys brand. Our Company aims to determine and develop products required through the cosmetics and dermocosmetics sector and fulfill the needs of the esteemed clientele thereof accordingly. To this end, our company, KEYPHARMA HEALTH AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS, provides the raw materials thereof under the LAVIREN Hair and Skin care brand and THEPINKELLYS Make Up from Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, South Africa and locally from Turkey and carries out its production by utilizing organic herbs, restorative and therapeutic herb extracts and oils, fresh fruits, natural minerals and thermal waters and furnishes its products at the highest quality to the valued consumers thereof.